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Posted by ExtremeT On 2:46 PM

Alright I was actually going to do a review which I probably will still do later but thanks to a recent comment on the market from someone named Eric I figured I'd do a rant instead cause it's really damn annoying to look to see how people are enjoying the themes I and every other themer put out and to see the positive comments and get feedback from the comments section only to see some tool post "blah blah blah USC sux!!11omg go texas!!!11" or something of that nature and to only rate it 1 star.

A lot of people requested the USC theme and I am more then happy to have made it and released it for free. I also made 2 texas themes and released those. In fact I have probably damn near 50 requests for 50 different sports teams or sport themes (yes, it's a lot of work which I gladly do). Really I could care less about who is better, really. What I care about is releasing good quality themes for everyone to enjoy and when some tool posts a comment like that and rates it 1 star that really sucks the motivation out of me for doing any other sports teams.

If you don't like the team, don't download it. That's all. I know the logic is simply and scary but it's doable. Scroll by it, pretend it doesn't exist, whatever, I could care less. But don't waste yours and my own time posting and rating like that. You waste your time because you look like a f'ing moron for downloading a theme to a team you clearly don't like JUST to post a comment and rate it one star and you waste my time because then I have to sit here and stew over that kind of stupidity and end up writing a rant about it now that I actually have a place to write it. This would be like me walking into your house, seeing you have a brown colored couch and going "omg brown couches sux!!1 Black color couches all the way!!11" and then running off to my computer to post it on forums because I feel the need to be cool like that.

Anyways, I will still do sports themes so keep those requests coming. Even when I don't respond to an email (I get a lot of them and try to respond to them all) I do read them all and try to fulfill everyones requests, it takes time though. I'd like to thank everyone for all the requests and positive feedback/comments and everyone who enjoys my themes.

*Update: About ten minutes after posting this Eric removed his comment from the comments area so the other comments you see there are refering to his now non-existent one. Thanks everyone who posted and told him off. Cheers

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