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FAQ and FSC (Frequently Said Commets):

Q) What is aHome/aHome Lite?
A) aHome (or aHome Lite) is an app that is available on the market. It is a Home Alternative app which means, basically, it replaces the default theme/style of the home screen(s) for your Android phone. aHome Lite is the free version.

Q) What is Dxtop?
A) Same thing as aHome but with different functionality. There is both a paid and free version available on the market.

Q) This won't download therefore it doesn't work etc etc.
A1) If it is a free theme/app/whatever it's more than likely just market lag or connectivity issue so just try again in a bit. It is NOT the app/theme/whatever you are trying to get from the marketplace. It is impossible for a packaged theme/app/whatever to affect the downloading of items from the marketplace. Leaving 1 star on any dev's applications because of something out of their control sucks.
A2) If it is a paid app/theme/whatever it could be what was mentioned above. Also google can take up to 3hours at times to process and verify a payment thru checkout. Even though the download button shows you won't be able to download anything until it goes through with the payment. Lastly, if your payment is declined it'll still show you the download button for up to 7days to give people a chance to correct whatever the issue was with the payment being declined. Again, it has NOTHING to do with the app. Before leaving a crappy rating for something the dev can't control, email them and ask them if this is what is going on.

Q) I downloaded this theme, it installed but when I try to open it, it won't launch.
A1) As stated in every description every themer puts out, you need to have aHome or aHome Lite installed and you do NOT open the actual theme file seperately. To set a theme press the menu button on your phone, then press the "More" option when it appears and then select "Themes Installed" or "Themes on SDcard" (if you saved a theme to your SDcard as a zip file). Then it'll show a list of themes you have, select the one you want to use and it'll load up. Just return to your home screen and the theme you wish to use should be loaded up.
A2) For DxTop, the same thing, do NOT open seperately. Press the menu button, then Appearance and then Theme and select the theme you wish to use.

Q) This font pack won't launch or work (aHome FULL only).
A) Firstly, you need to make sure you have aHome full version, it'll only work with that and as with themes, do NOT launch seperately. If you have aHome full, to set your font to what ever you want after downloading a font pack press the menu button, then press the "More" option when it appears. From there select aHome settings and down the list that appears you'll see Font & Color, select that and continue to customize your fonts with the options available.

Q) Will you make me a personal theme just for me?
A) Right now I've only been thinking about publically released themes on the market whether free or paid. If someone wants a personal theme all their own and not released on the market (i.e. exclusively their own theme) we would have to discuss it and yes it'd have to be paid for. This can be a personal theme (family photos), business theme (a theme for your company) or whatever else you want. If there is an actual demand for something like this I'll actually work out a price list, until then just contact me via email to discuss everything.

Q) I bought a theme through paypal/google checkout from your site, how do I install this?
A)I believe when you go through this service and download with your phone it downloads as a binary file so follow these instructions:

1. Download and install "Linda File Manager" (or whatever file manager app you prefer) from the android market.
2. Download your theme(s) using the link(s) from the email(s) when you purchased it. The file downloaded will be called #####.bin where the # are numbers.
3. Click on the file after it has finished downloading and the Linda File Manager will open.
4. Find #####.bin in the list of files on the bottom half of the Linda File Manager screen and press it. A menu should pop up asking you how you want to open the file. Pick Package Installer from the menu.

It's pretty much the same thing if you've downloaded it onto your computer first. Just add a step in there where you attach your phone to your comp and download it onto your phone that way, the rest should be the same.

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