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Posted by ExtremeT On 11:45 AM

Well as most dev's have gotten, google has sent out an official email outlining new improvements to the market. Paid apps will soon be available in
* Austria
* France
* Germany
* Italy
* Netherlands
* Spain

and free apps can now be targeted to:
* Canada
* France
* Ireland
* Italy
* Portugal
* Spain
* Switzerland
and if you're a dev we also now have to add a minimum SDK version to the manifest.xml since 1.5 is rolling out slowly, some people will have it before others (currently UK right now). Phandroid has posted an entire article over this including the actual email (saves me from copy/pasting from my email). They have 'only new' beside paid and free apps listing which I'm guessing me past apps won't show so a bit of advice, make an update for your free/paid app when these markets open up to reach these customers!

AndroidAndMe have a great preview article on 1.5 widgets you should also checkout. The official full list of widgets on release are:
* Analog Clock
* Calendar
* Music Player
* Picture Frame
* and Search
but we all know there will be a bunch on the market asap.

You can check both of these articles out at their respective sites here:
Phandroid Market Article
AndroidAndMe Cupcake Widget Preview

or through the feed links at the bottom of the main page.

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