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Posted by ExtremeT On 1:10 PM

Well even though I posted yesterday that I had released both the aHome USC Theme and the DxTop Steampunk icon pack it actually didn't happen till today. Why? Cause I had to tweak a couple of things before I felt it was good for release so sorry for making people wait an extra 12 hours but quality comes first.

This website is almost done, I have to work on a few graphical elements to spruce up the look to how I want it and I'm still organizing a few things near the bottom of the page. I added Cyrket's rss feed to display the newest apps on the market down there as well. I still have yet to figure out what I want to do for the video of the day area, I might just drop that or change it to feature apps/themes/tutorials. I really don't know yet, there's already sites like Driodeo that have a ton of videos.

On the theme front, I still am working on those 2 Dxtop themes I had mentioned I would release on the weekend, I'm a bit behind but they'll be done this week as well as another 1 or 2 aHome themes. I also plan to make a post in the Rants and Reviews section in the next day or two...will it be a rant or a review? No clue yet.

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