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Posted by ExtremeT On 1:18 PM

As you may have noticed it's been a few days since I posted anything. I have released a new theme, it's the pink one at the top of the main page as well as added new payment options. I might be discontinuing that however as the usefulness hasn't really been there but I will give it a bit more time, still feeling it out. I have a few more themes on the way that will be released shortly for both dxtop and ahome (yes dxtop users I haven't forgot about you).

Still waiting on my Android cupcake update, it's taking forever to get to my phone. AndroidAndMe.com has posted a new trailer to the upcoming Mystique game, Chapter 2: The Child. All I can say is, damn that looks incredible. It reminds me of Silent Hill a lot but more cool since it's playable on our phones. If you like those kinds of games, definitely go check out the new trailer and chances are you'll be grabbing chapter 1 after watching it if you haven't played it.

While on the topic of games, go over to phandroid.com and check out the video of a pre-alpha emulator for our G1 Android phones that looks awesome as well, especially if you like the old school game.

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