New aHome Theme and more!

Posted by ExtremeT On 6:51 PM

Alright as you can see above a new theme is out so enjoy it. Also everyone who uses my themes whether paid or free expect updates to all of them over the next few weeks. This is due to cupcake rolling out (apparently, I still haven't gotten mine yet) which all these themes are compatible with already but also updates coming to aHome in the near future.

Secondly, DxTop now supports aHome themes. So all you DxTop users can rejoice now in the fact you have lots of themes available to you. I will be playing around with how they look in DxTop over the next few days. I'll still release some themes exclusively for DxTop but this does make my life a little easier.

There's lots of things on the way so make sure to keep your eyes open for updates to everything.

Speaking of which, Mystique Chapter2: The Child is finally out on the market. I saw it this morning. If you haven't played chapter 1 yet, get it now, it's probably one of the best games for android and Chapter2 looks just as good if not better.

Also I'm going to ditch the alternate payment methods. With the market gaining more countries with access to paid apps it's not feasible to have it. My paypal account will remain open though for people who need to use it but the links underneath the theme previews will be gone so you'll have to email me. I am still considering using's checkout system as well but that's just a possibility. If anyone has any better suggestions feel free to leave a comment with it.

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