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Posted by ExtremeT On 1:38 PM

Alright so after some messing around I have the email subscription option working as well as the rss feeds working. So now you can get updates via your email or rss feed(s) of your choice.

DxTop has been updated as well with performance increases, bug fixes, cupcake widget support which is great. Also picture frame skinning (soon) and BetterCut font packs are now supported which being a theme dev is great news. On the flip side, the icon bubbles have reverted back on the home screens to orange and displaying that under the modified icon highlight files. I believe it's a bug and hopefully it gets fixed fast.

Also on the theme end of things, I've heard back from Better Android. I'll be sending my icons in for them to pack and release for the DxTop themes I've released once I get them organized over the next couple days.

Then there is the Video of the Day box below. Chances are that'll show videos pertaining to Android stuff.

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