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Posted by ExtremeT On 10:52 AM

Well it was about due especially with me making both DxTop and aHome themes that I was going to need a place to post everything and be a bit more organized and so here it is. The slideshow at the top with show previews of already released themes for both DxTop and aHome but due to the size it'll only show a part of a specific theme although full screenshots will be posted on here as well. I will update my Official aHome forum thread when I release new aHome themes but this will be Extreme Themes new home.

Everything will be fully posted in the next few days so if you see some content missing, I just haven't added it yet. The email subscription option isn't running yet either. I'll also have an rss feed to subscribe to and any other options that are possible, suggestions would be great (i.e. different rss feed services etc).

And yes, this is a free template, I like it, eventually I'll make my own at some point but for now I'm using this.

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